Monday, March 8, 2010

Crochet Flowers

Since I began crocheting hats I've been searching for a pattern for a flower that I love. I think that this is finally the one. But I will of course keep my eyes open for new patterns.

I've mentioned before that my middle daughter Stephanie will not keep a hat on her head. I've made her several hats in different styles and colors but its a no go. My oldest will only wear hats in the winter but they'd better not have any flowers on them. Or be too girly.

So that leaves my sweet baby girl Eva. She's too little to complain although I did have to keep Stephanie away from her to take these pictures because she was trying to pull them off of her head.

I like the off white/pink combo for spring and it should go with most of her outfits.

I posted the pattern for the hat before but I wanted to post the pattern for the flower. It's a variation of a couple of different patterns. I
like how it overlaps a bit.

5 Petal Layered Flower

CH 5. Form a loop.

1. SC CH 3. 5 times in loop.

2. SL ST in LP. CH 3, 9 DC, SC in previous round. 10 DC in next LP, SC in previous LP. Continue around 3 more times, SC and SL ST in beg CH.

To attach it I used a yarn needle and some yarn that is the same color as the flower to sew it down. Make sure to not sew down the layered parts. It looks much nicer to see it kind of sticking up.

I really hope that this pattern makes sense. I've never written a pattern before so I looked at other patterns online to see how it should be written.

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